Checking out local climbing, great climbs just a few miles up 82!

I wanted to checkout the local climbing routes, specifically sport climbs. Purchased the book Independence Pass Rock Climbing II and went out to find the best climbs. I can tell you that they are not easy to find, a lot has changed since the descriptions were originally made. Trailheads and topography are not the same. I set waypoints with GPS for the sport climbs I was interested in. I highly recommend you test all bolts well b4 clipping in, looks like some of them are from the 80’s/90’s.

For me the “Entrance Rock” & “Dump Walls” had best diversity in routes and we’re close to home. But I haven’t fully explored Monitor Rock or the climbs further up Indy Pass. Lots of exploring yet to do!! Woop!

(Climbing TL) Entrance Slab, Dump Wall, Valley Vista Map & Pics

(Climbing TL) Outlook Rock & Black Slab Map & Pics

(Climbing TL) Broken Hills Map & Pics




Disclaimer!!!!!! I am not responsible for your climbing activities!!! Do not attempt to climb any rock without the proper training and experience. Find a local climbing school or club and learn to climb, climbing can be DEADLY.

Twin Lakes to Buena Vista by Mt. Bike

20 mile ride along the Arkansas river, starting at intersection of 82 and 24. Click GAIA link for complete info including map route and pics. Add miles to this route by taking the Colorado Trail from Twin Lakes Village.

Great trip for novice riders, very little technical. First 4 miles or so is on single track and the remainder travels on gravel road. Ends in Buena Vista where you can get some food and refreshments at the end. Checkout Eddyline Brewery for great pizza and beer. We begged a return ride off of a Eddyline employee, but you can always ask us for a ride if we’re around, or drop a second car for a shuttle.