Checking out local climbing, great climbs just a few miles up 82!

I wanted to checkout the local climbing routes, specifically sport climbs. Purchased the book Independence Pass Rock Climbing II and went out to find the best climbs. I can tell you that they are not easy to find, a lot has changed since the descriptions were originally made. Trailheads and topography are not the same. I set waypoints with GPS for the sport climbs I was interested in. I highly recommend you test all bolts well b4 clipping in, looks like some of them are from the 80’s/90’s.

For me the “Entrance Rock” & “Dump Walls” had best diversity in routes and we’re close to home. But I haven’t fully explored Monitor Rock or the climbs further up Indy Pass. Lots of exploring yet to do!! Woop!

(Climbing TL) Entrance Slab, Dump Wall, Valley Vista Map & Pics

(Climbing TL) Outlook Rock & Black Slab Map & Pics

(Climbing TL) Broken Hills Map & Pics




Disclaimer!!!!!! I am not responsible for your climbing activities!!! Do not attempt to climb any rock without the proper training and experience. Find a local climbing school or club and learn to climb, climbing can be DEADLY.

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